At MOAISA we offer customized solutions to your needs


Our extensive experience in the repair of rotary electric machines, allows us to provide our customers with reliability in the repair of low and medium voltage motors and generators, we use state-of-the-art equipment, as well as tools and working methods.

Medium voltage motors and generators rewinding

In MOAISA we have the experience and the latest technology to work in a wide range of medium voltage equipment. Medium voltage equipment must be properly selected, and operated according to the conditions  and service they will provide, including for example, thermal, electrical, mechanical and even environmental conditions

Our company has all the advantages of having a repair system designed for the re-winding of medium voltage equipment. We know and understand that your equipment requires a service workshop with the right knowledge, experience, and latest technology; we offer you our expert advice and service, so that the repair and service of each of your equipments is satisfactory.


"More than 40 years of experience in service and maintenance of electric motors and generators"